Elder, Roy Louis, and Judy Louis of Samson Cree Nation invited their neighbours from across Battle River Country to bless the water in the 2nd of four Water Blessing Ceremonies.

After following the ceremonial Bag Pipe Player, the attendees gather for the Opening Ceremony. In the background are the two teepees that were built to house the attendees and conduct the  2nd Water Blessing Ceremony.

In 2013, two Teepees were constructed in honor of the Water Blessing Ceremony gathering. The weather was not as lovely as it was during the first Ceremony and rain threatened, so the second Teepee was built in case parts of the festivities needed to be held inside. In the corner of the colorful Teepee photo, is the emblem of the RCMP “K” Division as this is one of their Teepees; and this emblem tells you this Teepee is also used in a special program that was created by Roy Louis in which at risk First Nation teens become RCMP Cadets.

The explanation of the the power and importance of the presentation of this Metal is coming soon.

The Hostess of the Water Ceremony festivities, Judy M. Louis, sits in the audience enjoying the Entertainment on the deck. There was also an incredible Educational component to the 2013 Ceremonial gathering in which Dr. Darryl Bereziuk, Director,  Provincial Archaeologist and Archaeological Survey of Alberta shared his immense

knowledge about the Archaeology of Battle River Country.

Dr. Jane Ross, President of ALL (Association for Life-Wide Living) of Alberta Battle River Health Network and one of the sponsors of the Water Blessing Ceremonies, introduces the Program for the day as the final two lodge poles go up on one of the Teepees.

Johnnie Crier, the Elder who conducts the Water Blessing Ceremony, Elder, Doreen Spence, and two other esteemed Elders of the Samson Cree Band participate in a ceremonial prayer before the sacred and traditional Give-Away Ceremony.



We hope you have enjoyed our 2013 CEREMONY Page.  Be sure to continue your virtual attendance of the Cree Blessing of the Water Ceremonies by going over to our “Video Page” or come back soon to see what happened in our 3rd Annual Blessing of the Water Ceremony that took place on May 10, 2014 and was jointly hosted by Association for Life-wide Living (ALL) of Alberta,  Battle River Watershed Alliance and Friends of Fridhem Society and Peter Poole (Banff).

Here are some highlights of the May 10th Program

This year we’re not only Blessing the Water, we’re riding on it in a Canoe at 10 AM.

Battle River Water Ceremony and Pipe Ceremony

Led by Elder John Crier, Samson Cree Nation at 1 PM

Instructions for entering the sacred ceremony will be provided. 

 Those who have participated in this ceremony attest to its beauty and deep meaning.

Of Good Relationships with Neighbours 

 Feast - Bannock and tea; Bring hearty food to share: especially stews, smoked fish/salmon, salad, fruit, bread, cheese, etc.

Give Away - First People, Settler People and New People. Learn from and contribute to this bonding ceremony. Bring things you can give away as a symbol of relationships and neighbourliness; e.g., pens, momentos, scarves, adornments, belts - use your imagination!  



Proto-history: Archaeology in Battle River Country

Dr. Darryl Bereziuk, Director,  Provincial Archaeologist and Archaeological Survey of Alberta, and colleagues, will explain our area's archaeological treasures with bird's eye view of more than 500 traditional sites across Battle River region. Bring your own artifacts for  professional identification.


Nature's Gifts in Landscape, Community and the Arts 

D'Arcy Moses Nyback, Native Artist & Designer, Camrose County and Hay River, NWT where he has been appointed to the Board of the North West Territories Arts Council. This year, D'Arcy will build on his previous contributions (fashion design & show 2012; design of technology-related craft from buffalo and elk hide 2013) to lead artistic interpretations inspired by the Battle River landscape.  


Fostering the Learning Spirit: Re-Envisioning Liberal Education
Dr. Allen Berger, Anthropologist and Dean, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta  

"In my role as Dean at Augustana, I often find myself acting as a champion for place-based education. So it is a special joy to join with friends from the community to participate in the Battle River Spring Ceremonies at Bend-in-the-River."      

Request your Invitation to join our Celebration on May 10th. It’s way more than a Water Blessing Ceremony.

It’s a Multifaceted Cultural Celebration!

Directions to the site

From Maskwacis: go east 6 miles. You will know you have reached the correct corner when you see a large power transformer on power poles at the intersection where there is also a ball diamond backstop. Turn left and go north. If you cross the bridge, you have gone too far. 


From highway 21 and 611: 

We are about 20 km on 611, cross the Battle River Bridge and turn north at the full intersection (RR 235 - not marked). Then . . .  

(1). Go north about 1.5 miles or count 6 approaches on their right hand side (east side). Our driveway is 1 km and many think it is a country road, but not. You will see 2 houses along our driveway on the left and right side, go past them and then you will see a home at the corner, follow our driveway that goes north. Just keep going.  

(2). Our home has a large grainery out front that was used as a prop in a play. You will see the 'white house' and the river is to your right.  Basically we are 6 miles east on 611 and 6 driveways north.  Phone 780/585-3921.

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